About The Project

The Price Hill Design Project is a design research project that aims to characterize community-led design efforts that enhance the quality of life in Price Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. The project is conducted by D.J. Trischler, a resident of Price Hill and graduate student at The University of Cincinnati School of Design.
Information sheet:
What is Design?
Design is a deliberate process. It involves professionals and non-professionals often working to enhance quality of life. It exists at all scales, from micro-sized home improvements to major municipal projects. We experience design when we interact with artworks, apps, events, fashion, objects, lettering, places, neighbors, rules, security, services, sidewalks, signs, streets, structures, symbols, tools, and more.
What is quality of life?
Like goodness or satisfaction, it's subjective. It can, but doesn’t have to relate to one’s social, physical, and mental well-being. One’s ability to shape, or design, the community around them may be an indicator of quality of life. Other factors may include housing, education, income, safety, leisure, green spaces, culture, and more.
What is Price Hill?
Price Hill is a group of three neighborhoods (Lower, East, and West Price Hill) located a few minutes west of downtown Cincinnati.